Pinky Continued!

Hi! Hi! Hi! My name is Pinky, pleased to meet you! Don’t let the name fool you, I am a lovely 18-year-old female Moluccan Cockatoo. 
My friends here say that I am a real sweetie. I am a real cuddly, hands on type snuggler and I have to admit I really crave attention..a lot of it. Sometimes, when I feel like I’m not getting all the attention I feel I deserve, I will scream to let you know that I think you are neglecting me. 
I am a pellet diet supplemented with fresh fruit and nuts.
My favorite toy is one that I can destroy. I can’t have too many of those! Hey! What can I say? I have a big beak and you know what they say…A busy beak is a happy beak. (or something like that).