More About Maggie



Hi. My name is Maggie and I am an approximately 46 yr old blue and gold macaw. I came to the perch one year ago when my mom passed away. Don’t worry though; life isn’t too shabby nowadays. I eat healthy nuts, seeds and a pelleted diet. In the morning one of my friends here at the perch brings me APPLE Slices! I am still a little uneasy with interacting with people but as you can see my friends and visitors at The Perch are working on it. I also enjoy playing with toys and dancing to the music. I am working on being handled by humans as they haven’t really interacted with me that much in my life, but I get lots of almonds and fruit for doing it so. I am learning to gently take it from hands while in my cage because my cage is my safe place. I am pretty quiet for a macaw but I am happy.