Meet the Birds!

Meet the Birds!

Chandler Brewery & Exotic Bird Rescue


Our Chandler brewery is proud to give birds a loving new home! Every year thousands of pet birds are abused, neglected, and abandoned. Many people purchase a pet bird because they want a unique pet, but fail to research what it takes to provide these amazing creatures the necessary care they need to thrive in captivity.  We dedicate our time and energy to helping to rebuild trusting relationships with unwanted, abandoned, abused, and neglected pet birds and give them a loving forever home. We do not breed, buy or sell our rescue birds. Our primary goal is to provide a second chance and lots of love for these birds.


Meet Our Birds



Umbrella Cockatoo

Location: Northern Maluku Islands, Indonesia.
Tiki love attention and will often start squawking to get some. While he can seem very sweet he is also easily agitated which can lead to a very nasty bite. Do not be fooled by his charm when he tries to get you to pet him through the bars of the cage as that is his best trick in order to try and bite you. Love on him from afar and do not stick your fingers inside his cage as his beak, like all cockatoos, can easily crack walnuts, wooden blocks and finger bones!



Hyacinth Macaw

Location: Southeastern Brazil
Hatching Day: August 9th 1999
Bubba is energetic and rambunctious when compared to his nest brother, Pinkie. Bubba is the largest out of all of the inhabitants at The Perch and he takes center stage in his large, solo enclosure under the center canopy. He isn’t only the largest at The Perch, but the Hyacinth Macaw is the largest out of all of the macaw breeds and they are often referred to as the “gentle giant”. Bubba is no exception but don’t let that fool you though! His ‘gentle’ nickname comes from how affectionate he and other Hyacinths are by nature. As you can imagine with that large, strong beak, his “affection” can hurt! He tends to rough house with his friends as often as he can and he loves to climb around inside the top of his enclosure and watch everyone as they come by. He will stare at you if you’re wearing a bright blue color as that’s his absolute favorite and
most likely will climb all the way down to the bottom of his enclosure to get a good look. He will dance to pretty much anything but his favorite is “We Are the Champions” by Queen. While he’s not much of a talker, he does know when the cameras are out and will strike a pose while
“honking” in between.



Moluccan Cockatoo

Location: Seram Archipelago, Eastern Indonesia
Hatching Day: January 23rd  1999
Raised together with Bubba from a really young age, he is the Yin to Bubba’s Yang. Where Bubba is active and playful, Pinkie is quiet and cuddly. He is very talkative when he’s in the mood and sometimes you’ll hear him say, “Shut up Bubba” if Bubba is being too loud. He loves dancing around and enjoys music. In fact, his favorite song is “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. However, he will often be found sitting next to the front entrance loving on the hostesses and eating up all the attention he can get.



Umbrella Cockatoo

He likes to say I love you and night night. Loves to be outside unless it's raining!



Rose Breasted Cockatoo

Sharkey is super sweet and loves to have his head rubbed.  He loves to sing and dance and gets super excited over pizza crust.



“African Grey” Parrot

Watch out for his super scream! And don't be confused by his cat calls.



White Headed Amazon

Fred loves pistachios and taking baths.



Green Wing Macaw

Bogey is probably our biggest talker at the Perch, and he's known to blow kisses too!



Blue and Gold Macaw

Wrigley is the latest friend to join us at the Perch.  He is still getting used to his surroundings.  He can usually be found high up in his enclosure.


Mango + Bebe

Sun Conure + Nanday Conure

Location: North Eastern South America
Hatching Day: March 1st 2006
Mango and his buddy BeBe are long standing residents here at The Perch. In fact, Mango’s trademarked song and squeaky singing voice is always shrilling through canopy! He is mischievous and playful as he is beautiful. He bright vibrant colors shine through even the cloudiest of days but regardless of whether or not the sun is out, you will always hear Mango when you are at The Perch.

Location: Southeast Bolivia to South West Brazil
Hatching Day: March 30th 2005
Not much can be said about BeBe other than you won’t find Mango or BeBe without the other. Best friends since before they came to The Perch we’ve found them to be utterly inseparable and who can blame them. They spend their day singing and frolicking about while playing with their toys and catching a nap in their “tent” that hangs from the top of their enclosure.